Palestinians report 1 dead, 2 injured in IDF strike on Gaza

IDF spokesperson denies launching strikes on Gaza; Islamic Jihad spokesman claims member of group killed in incident.

One Palestinian was killed and two others were injured in what Palestinian medical sources claimed was an IAF strike on the Gaza Strip on Sunday.
The IDF denied launching strikes on the Gaza Strip on Sunday.
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A spokesman fore the Islamic Jihad claimed that the party killed was a member of his organization.
Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported that the airstrike took place shortly after 9:00 pm on Sunday evening, east of Gaza City.
Officials in Gaza added that IDF forces fired shells at a second location in the central Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported in the second alleged strike.
The reports came following a period of escalated violence along the Gaza border.
The IDF launched strikes on Gaza on Friday and Saturday in response to multiple rockets being fired on southern Israel.
On Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Hamas, “I do not suggest that anyone test the State of Israel’s resolve,”  a day after two Grad-model Katyusha rockets slammed into Beersheba for the first time since Operation Cast Lead over two years ago.
Reuters contributed to this report