Palestinians to mark 'Nakba Day' with protests

Hamas, Fatah unite for rallies in commemoration of Palestinian "Day of Catastrophe" (64th anniversary of establishing Israel.)

Nakba Day protesters on Lebanon border 311 (R) (photo credit: Sharif Karim / Reuters)
Nakba Day protesters on Lebanon border 311 (R)
(photo credit: Sharif Karim / Reuters)
Palestinians are preparing to mark “Nakba Day,” or the Day of Catastrophe (the 64th anniversary of the establishment of Israel), with a series of demonstrations and rallies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as a number of neighboring Arab countries.
In the West Bank, Palestinians have been asked to converge on Ramallah for a major rally Tuesday at the Martyr Yasser Arafat Square.
Palestinians have also been asked to raise black banners and Palestinian flags to mark the event.
The Palestinian Authority government announced that it would suspend work and studies in the West Bank to allow as many Palestinians as possible to participate in the protests and rallies.
In the Gaza Strip, representatives of Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian groups agreed to hold a joint rally Tuesday to mark Nakba Day.
Organizers called on Palestinians to gather in the center of Gaza City and march toward UN headquarters in the city.
On the same occasion, the PLO reiterated its call for Israel to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes inside the Jewish state.
“The right of return will remain one of the Palestinian national principles where there will be no concessions,” the PLO said in a statement.
“This is an historic, legal and sacred right.”