Quartet calls to close Jihad offices in Damascus

Also demands that Syria close the offices of other terror organizations.

syria damage 88 (photo credit: )
syria damage 88
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The Middle East quartet called on Syria Friday to close the offices of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Damascus, following the terror attack in Hadera this week. The Quartet - that includes the US, Russia, the European Union and the UN, also demanded that the Syrian government stop the operation of other offices of terror groups that work out of the Syria. "The Quartet urges the Syrian government to take immediate action to close the offices of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and to prevent the use of its territory by armed groups engaged in terrorist acts", the joint statement said. At the same time, the quartet also urged all sides to exercise restraint in order to avoid further escalation in the situation. "The quartet believes it is imperative that all involved act decisively to ensure that terror and violence are not allowed to undermine further progress in accordance with the road map", the statement added. The joint statement was put out following a conference call between foreign ministers of the US, Russia, Britain, the UN Secretary General and the EU foreign policy chief.