Report: Egypt seizes ancient artifacts being smuggled into Israel

Ma'an reports Egyptian authorities seize cache of Pharaonic and Roman era antiquities at home of suspected smuggler in Sinai.

Egyptian artifacts 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Egyptian artifacts 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Egyptian authorities seized a cache of artifacts from the Pharaonic and Roman eras that they suspect were slated to be smuggled out of the country and into Israel, the Ma'an News Agency quoted security sources as saying on Monday.
According to the report, Egyptian authorities seized the artifacts in a raid of a home belonging to a suspected antiquities smuggler in the village of Rabia in northern Sinai.
Among the haul were sculptures, coins and pottery from the Pharaonic and Roman eras, the sources told Ma'an.
According to an initial investigation, the smuggler intended to smuggle the artifacts into Israel where they would later be sold.
In September, the Egyptian Antiquities Authority turned to Interpol to press Israeli authorities to prevent the sale in online auctions of suspected smuggled antiquities.
Israel implemented a regulation last year preventing the import of uncertified artifacts.