S. Arabia displays bodies of 2 beheaded convicts

Saudi authorities on Wednesday beheaded two Ethiopians convicted of killing a Saudi national in an armed robbery and displayed their bodies in public after the execution, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The statement, carried by the official Saudi Press Agency, said Ali Mohammed Ali and Adel Adam Aman were found guilty of fatally shooting and robbing Khaled bin Karim bin Bakhash, the owner of a private telephone services center. A court ordered their bodies be displayed in a public place after the execution as a further deterrent "because of the hideousness nature of the crime." The statement said they were executed in Jiddah but did not say specifically where their bodies were displayed. The process of displaying the body of an executed person is usually carried out by the executioners who fix the chopped head to the body and then either hang it from a pole or from a mosque window or balcony for about two hours during the noon prayer.