Secret PA report warns of third intifada

PA denies existence of document which cautions that failure of peace talks would lead to "spontaneous attacks."

Palestinians clash with IDF near Hebron 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Palestinians clash with IDF near Hebron 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A secret report by one of the Palestinian Authority security services paints a worrying picture of a possible upsurge in terrorist attacks in the West Bank this year.
The report, which was obtained by the Hebrew news website Ynet, warns that there is a high probability of a third intifada if the current Israeli-Palestinian peace talks fail.
PA officials in Ramallah said they were unaware of the existence of such a report.
According to Ynet, the report recommends that the Palestinian civilian authorities and the security forces draw up a plan to deal with any escalation in demonstrations.
The report cautioned that failure of the peace talks would lead to a rise in “spontaneous attacks” in 2014. The authors of the report – according to Ynet – believe that Hamas will change its strategy and shift to resources away from its civilian programs to covertly resume its militant activity in the West Bank.
The report claims that the first goal of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other radical Palestinian groups is to kidnap an IDF soldier or civilian and hold him hostage in the West Bank, with the hope of exchanging him for Palestinian prisoners.
The report also reflects fears of the PA security forces that terror cells will expand their activities into the Israeli- controlled Area C of the West Bank, as well as the suburbs of Jerusalem.
The report expects Hamas to export its technological information and data on the manufacture of rockets from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank. It also warns of increased activity by Salafi- jihadist organizations in the West Bank.
The report’s authors warn that in wake of growing tensions between Iran and Israel, and the deteriorating relationship between Iran and Hezbollah over the civil war in Syria, Hezbollah will try to set up sleeper cells in the West Bank and east Jerusalem by recruiting Palestinians abroad.