Security reports reveal nearly active Iranian base on Iraq-Syria border

While the base has been attacked before and was rendered inactive in the past, the Iranian rebuilt much of it, according to reports.

Satellite image of Iranian military base Imam Ali (photo credit: ISI IMAGESAT INTERNATIONAL)
Satellite image of Iranian military base Imam Ali
Iran continues its construction of the Imam Ali military base along the Iraq-Syria border, according to an Intelligence report released this weak. 
ImageSat International - ISI and Fox News also reported about the base, which was partially destroyed by air strikes in early September, but is now being rebuilt once more.
These new additions to the once destroyed base are enough to be able to contain truck and other various pieces of military equipment.
The images of the base come at a time when Iran is facing civil unrest. Iranian citizens have taken to the streets in protest of the ever increasing cost of living, especially regarding rising fuel costs. Reports claim that in these protests, security forces have killed at least 12 people.
The sanctions placed on Iran by the United States government after withdrawing from the nuclear agreement in 2018 have caused the prices of medicine and food to soar, leaving people living under harsh conditions.  This, coupled with Iran’s investment in Syria and Yemen, has caused increasing frustration. 
The security report claims that while construction work has been extensive, the base still remains inactive.
According to security experts, this was the first time the Iranian military was building a base of this scale from scratch in Syria. There's been an American army position less than 200 miles from the new Iranian compound. In recent months, Israel has been reported to target Iranian military facilities in Syria and to have destroyed structures that were used to house weapons and troops.
Israel has been said to attack Iranian targets in Syria several times, according to foreign reports. With official statements claiming that activities are being done to prevent terrorist organizations from getting advanced weaponry.