Stand With Us launches website against new flotilla contains statistics, background and video clips in bid to bolster stance that flotilla organizers are militant, seek to harm Israel.

flotilla facts 311 (photo credit: screen shots)
flotilla facts 311
(photo credit: screen shots)
A new website created by International Israel advocacy group Stand With Us hopes to bolster support against the upcoming flotilla to Gaza. bears facts about the organizers of this year's flotilla, dubbed Flotilla 2.0, as well as video of weapons stashes and extremist speeches on last year's Mavi Marmara, contact information for media representatives, and tweets of various facts and evidence supporting the idea that the flotilla is a vehicle for anti-Israel extremists, not peace-loving activists hoping to bring humanitarian aid into Gaza.
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The site also contains links to templates for pro-Israel, anti-Hamas signs, which include slogans such as "Free Gaza - From Hamas," "Peace Activists Don't Use Knives and Clubs" and "Stand with Israel."
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A downloadable PDF with a breakdown of facts is also available on the site.