'Syria officially recognizes Palestinian state'

Syria announces recognition of "Palestine on 1967 lines and with e. J'lem as capital," according to SANA; PLO office to now be considered embassy.

palestinian flag_311 (photo credit: REUTERS/Ali Jarekji)
palestinian flag_311
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ali Jarekji)
Syria on Monday officially announced that it recognizes a Palestinian state on 1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital, the official news agency SANA said citing a source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry.
According to a statement quoted by SANA, "The Syrian Arab Republic recognizes the state of Palestine on the lines of June 4, 1967 with east Jerusalem as its capital on the basis of preserving the legitimate Palestinian rights."
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The statement added that Syria now considers the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Damascus as the official embassy of the Palestinian state.
The announcement comes after the Arab League last week issued a draft statement saying it will ask the United Nations to upgrade the Palestinians to full member status.
"It was decided to go to the United Nations to request the recognition of the state of Palestine with east Jerusalem as its capital and to move ahead and request a full membership," said the communique, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.
The statement did not provide a timeline, indicating the application would be made in time for the UN assembly in September. A Palestinian delegate said the Arab League had appointed a committee to determine dates.
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Full member status would require approval in the Security Council, where the United States has said it would veto any such resolution.