U.S Special Rep. Brian Hook: U.S. calls to renew arms embargo on Iran

Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook that if the embargo is not renewed, there would be dire consequences for the Middle East

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US envoy Brian Hook (photo credit: AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US envoy Brian Hook
(photo credit: AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)
WASHINGTON – The US State Department is calling to renew the arms embargo on Iran that expires in one year.
Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook warned in a video message on Friday that lifting the ban a year from today will have severe consequences for the stability in the Middle East.
“The United Nations is an organization dedicated to the cause of peace and security, but the UN Security Council undermined this ideal in 2015 when it endorsed the Iran nuclear deal and lifted constraints on Iran’s missile program,” he said.
“On October 18, 2015, the UN security council adopted resolution 2231, which memorialized the Iran nuclear deal. This resolution allows Iran in October of 2020 to buy and sell lethal weapons, including drones, tanks, fighter jets, artillery, warships, and other advanced weaponry.”
Hook emphasized that “very soon, the Iranian regime will be able to sell lethal weapons to anyone, and Russia and China will be free to sell to Iran the same deadly weapons Iran used to attack Saudi Arabia.
This will trigger a new arms race in the Middle East, and for those who are disturbed by Iran’s behavior now, imagine the havoc the regime will unleash with stockpiles of new and deadly weapons.” He also warned that on the same date, October 18, the travel ban on 23 Iranian terrorists would expire.
“It’s time for the world to restore deterrence and to do everything possible to promote a more peaceful and stable Middle East,” said Hook. Ambassador to the UN Dani Danon told The Jerusalem Post that he supports the new campaign.
“The sanctions should not be removed, and we support the efforts by the US administration to make sure that weapons will not be allowed to arrive to Iran, and Iranian officials that are involved in terror activities will not be allowed to travel around the world,” he said. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee joined the calls to renew these sanctions.
“One year from today, the UN will lift its travel ban on key Iranian officials including IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani,” the pro-Israel lobby tweeted. “The IRGC is the terrorist force that oversees Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile work, campaign in Syria, and support for terrorist groups like Hezbollah. The Middle East is already engulfed in turmoil. Enabling Iran to import and export weapons will only make the situation less safe for America and Israel.”