WATCH: US issues footage of devastating airstrikes against ISIS targets

Jordanian warplanes are also featured as Hashemite Kingdom's efforts against jihadist groups increase.

ISIS targets struck in airstrikes
The US Central Command released aerial video footage on Friday that it said showed US and coalition airstrikes on parts of Iraq and Syria in late January and early February.
The videos include one purporting to show coalition airstrikes carried out by Jordan in the vicinity of Al Hasakah, Syria.
Two other videos purport to show US-led airstrikes hitting an Islamic State bunker in the strategic stronghold of Mosul and an Islamic State productions facility near Al Qaim, Iraq.
Islamic State seized large areas in Syria and Iraq and declared a self-imposed Islamic caliphate last year but has come under strain after a series of defeats in Syria brought about in part by air strikes on its forces and infrastructure.
It was forced to withdraw from the Kurdish town of Kobani after four months of fierce fighting with Kurdish militia aided by US air support, and has lost ground to Syrian government and Kurdish forces elsewhere