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Iran and its proxies are emboldened by lack of accountability - analysis

Iran has set its sights precisely on countries in which its proxy groups have taken over the government and carried out extrajudicial killings.

Why Iran’s threat to attack Israel’s Dimona matters - analysis

The decision to unveil a new multiple-drone launcher while splicing that with a digital mock-up of Dimona is a new level of Iranian aggressive threats. 

Iran admits to increasingly relying on kamikaze drones

Tehran has been using cruise missiles, helicopters, aircraft, anti-tank missiles and drones in coordination to showcase its latest abilities.

Iran praises better ties with Azerbaijan, Syria’s role in region

Iran is putting on a brave face here because the Arab states would like Syria to pressure Iranian forces to leave. 

Iran and Hezbollah analyze Israel’s ‘war between the wars’

What will the Middle East region look like when, one day, Iran loses its steep foothold in Syria?

Israel hosts esports championships in premier event

Here is a look at the world’s premier gaming championship event, hosted this year in Eilat, Israel.


Unidentified planes hit Iranian militias in eastern Syria

Iranian-backed militia fighters patrolling the streets were put on heightened alert and ambulances were seen rushing to the desert outskirts of the city after several explosions were heard.


Voices from the Arab press: Two stories in two pictures

The first one: a meeting between the British and Kuwaiti prime ministers. The second: Sheikh Ahmed Hassan al-Baqouri, standing next to his unveiled daughter in 1957, unacceptable today.


Will Iran continue to threaten southern Syria after Deraa deal?

For years Israel has been concerned over the possibility of a multi-front war, including a conflict in the north along the Lebanese and Golan border with Syria. Iran will have to tread carefully. 

AMOS GILEAD speaks at a recent Herzliya Conference. ‘We are in a period of historic opportunity, wit

Former defense official: Iranian ship and Syria strikes may be the IDF

Even if the IDF has great defensive capabilities, Gilead explained that this is not enough to stop Iran from developing dangerous weaponry.

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