'US obsessed with military solution in Iraq'

Syria's ambassador said Monday that the Bush administration is more obsessed with a military solution for Iraq rather than diplomacy, and said that it may be too late for the White House to salvage the situation. "The situation has deteriorated to a level that, to be honest, we don't know how it can be salvaged from further deterioration," Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha said at a speech at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service on Monday night. On the heels of the first cabinet-level talks between Syria and the United States, Moustapha said that he believes the United States is not focusing enough on the political process in Iraq. "There is no accompanying political process," Moustapha said when asked about an interview Syrian President Bashar Assad gave earlier in the day about the situation in Iraq. "A large number of Iraqis come to Syria and tell us they feel disenfranchised."