'Viva Palestina' aid convoy arrives in Gaza

Flotilla receives warm welcome from Hamas; aid estimated to be worth $5 million; Egypt bans head organizer from entering Gaza.

viva palestina welcomed_311 (photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
viva palestina welcomed_311
(photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)
GAZA CITY — An aid convoy has arrived in the Gaza Strip overland from Egypt to a warm welcome from the territory's Islamic militant Hamas rulers.
The convoy was organized by 'Viva Palestina,' headed by former British member of parliament George Galloway.
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Egypt banned Galloway from accompanying the convoy because of previous clashes with Egyptian security.
Hamas official Ahmed Youssef says the aid is worth about $5 million and includes 137 used vehicles for ambulances and transport.
He welcomed the convoy as it arrived in Gaza on Thursday, and thanked Egypt for allowing it through.
Israel significantly eased its blockade of Gaza after an outcry over its bloody attack on a Turkish flotilla on May 31.
Israel says there is no need for aid shipments, and has branded them propaganda.