WATCH: CNN correspondent hit by rubber bullet during Palestinian rioting in east Jerusalem

Ben Wedeman was lightly injured after being hit by a rubber bullet during funeral procession in Shuafat.

CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman (photo credit: COURTESY CNN)
CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman
(photo credit: COURTESY CNN)
Ben Wedeman, CNN’s top correspondent in Israel and the Palestinian territories, was lightly injured while covering the riots in east Jerusalem that accompanied the funeral procession of 16-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad Abu Khdeir.
“It was like getting hit by a rock,” Wedeman told the news network during an interview, holding up the rubber bullet fired by Israeli riot police during the events in east Jerusalem on Friday.
Wedeman said that he was bleeding profusely after being hit by the bullet, which is another form of crowd control that police employ in hopes of quelling massive unrest.