Watch: Egyptian cleric rejoices in Charlie Hebdo shooting attack

"Mockers of the prophets of Allah were punished for their mockery," says religious leader in video.

Egyptian cleric responds to Charlie Hebdo attack
With most of the world united against a plague of violence that has shocked and rattled Parisians in recent days, claiming the lives of 17 people, one person seems particularly "happy" in light of the spate of attacks.
An Egyptian cleric, speaking to supporters in a video translated by MEMRI on Saturday, said the shooting attack on the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine was a punishment by Allah against those poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad – an attack equated with "an act of war."
The Paris-based publication, founded in 1992, is known for its cartoon covers lampooning the prophet and for its controversial depictions of radical Islam.
"People mocked the prophets of Allah," Mostafa Al-Adwy, a frequent guest on Islamic programs on Egyptian television, said in a video posted to his website, "but the mockers were punished by Allah for their mockery."
Invoking his god, the bearded man, donning a traditional keffiyeh headscarf, goes on to focus more specifically on Paris, where he said the loss of life was now being mourned, and "the world was crying about what happened" there – but "we are happy, by God."
His happiness, he said in the short clip, which was also uploaded to YouTube, stems from the vengeance inflicted upon those who disrespected the famous prophet, by Allah.
But the 12 deaths at the hands of two French-born brothers last Wednesday would not be their final punishment, Al-Adwy warned his viewers. They await a much "harsher" sentence, beyond what was wreaked upon them in "this world" for waging war against Islam.