WATCH: ISIS sends child jihadis to fight in cages in new recruitment video

Video shows young recruits or "cubs of the caliphate" wrestling each other in cage style ring.

ISIS video shows young recruits fighting in cage‏
ISIS has revealed it's recruitment methods in a seven minute long propaganda video released via social media, the Daily Mail reported Monday.
The bizarre video shows several young soon-to-be ISIS fighters wrestling and fighting each other inside of a giant cage-style ring as an older commander shouts praises of encouragement.
The video also shows the wannabe jihadis attempting strange initiation rituals as their commander looks on, including  breaking tiles with their heads and and completing an obstacle course as they are beaten with sticks.
ISIS affectionately refers to its new recruits as "cubs of the caliphate" and markets these training videos on social media channels in order to recruit young and impressionable foreign fighters.
'Indoctrinating kids with ISIS fanaticism is not only the easiest population to indoctrinate but also produces new generations of ISIS believers and ultimately at some point fighters. This is the way you build a Caliphate,'  Steve Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.