Watch: Islamic State seizes millions of dollars from Iraqi home

Piles of cash estimated to be worth millions, says unidentified man in video.

ISslamic State captures millions of dollars, gold
Islamic State posted a video online on Sunday, showing the militant group's latest gains – this time to its pocket.
The footage features neatly-stacked piles of cash on a white marble floor, in the home of former Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujayfi.
The narrator, an unidentified Islamic State fighter, says the money belongs to al-Nujayfi; cursing him in the name of Allah, he threatens to chop off his head, "just as we took your money."
Proud of the group's latest accomplishments for their self-proclaimed caliphate that is rapidly spreading across northern Iraq and Syria, the man holding the camera says the cash – "estimated in the millions of dollars" – will be restored to the Islamic State's treasury. He calls on his fellow Muslims to "take a look" at and "observe" the looted goods.
"See these dollars," the militant goes on, as the video camera zooms in on two shiny gold bars sitting atop the stacks of crisp dollar bills. "There are hundreds of thousands of dollars here. Maybe even millions."
Injecting ideology into the mix, he praises Allah for enabling the Islamic State to get its hands on the money so that the group can return it to "its rightful owners – the poor!" Lashing out at the Iraqi government – or as the narrator terms it, "pigs" – the fighter says the jihadist organization is righting a wrong by giving back what "belongs to the poor."
Islamic State is known for its presence online, with its Twitter accounts, recruitment guides and most-notoriously, its documentation of the string of beheadings directly addressed to world powers.