WATCH: Islamist leader, former Syrian MP get into brawl over ISIS on Lebanese TV

A debate on Lebanese television turned into a fist fight when one guest refused to extend his condolences to the other, whose cousin was beheaded by ISIS.

A debate on Lebanese television turns into a brawl.  (photo credit: screenshot)
A debate on Lebanese television turns into a brawl.
(photo credit: screenshot)
A television debate aired on a show broadcast by the public OTV station took a quick turn for the worse, seeing two of the guests getting into a heated physical altercation before it could be stopped by the show's host or producers.
The OTV show posted the video of the fight on its YouTube channel on Tuesday  to the amusement and shock of multiple viewers.
The two participants in the debate were Sunni Islamist leader Bilal Daqmaq and former Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash, a Sunni tribal leader who supports the Syrian regime headed by President Bashar Assad.
The show begin with the host extending his condolences to Shlash, whose cousin had been executed by ISIS a day before. The host then turned to Daqmaq, asking him if he would like to join him in the gesture and offer his condolences to his colleague. Daqmaq rejected the suggestion, saying instead that he was extending his condolences to Syrian people for every Syrian civilian who lost his or her life in the civil war.
Shlash interrupted Daqmaq, saying: "Brother, he asked you a straight question: Are you extending me condolences or not?"
Daqmaq told Shlash that it was "none of his business," and the conversation rapidly escalated until the two men lunged at each other. They could be seen exchanging blows until they were separated by the host.