WATCH: Joking of nuclear war, celebrities endorse Iran deal

Celebrities endorse Iran deal in a new public service announcement for the anti-proliferation group Global Zero.

Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, and Jordan's Queen Noor urge Congress to OK Iran nuclear deal
WASHINGTON – A group devoted to the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide has published a video featuring movie stars, comics and other celebrities denouncing critics of the nuclear agreement reached with Iran this month.
The video, which includes appearances from US actors Jack Black and Morgan Freeman, former CIA operations officer Valerie Plame and Jordan’s Queen Noor, jokes that the failure of diplomacy might lead to, in the words of one, America being “totally fried by a major nuclear bomb, dead.”
“We could be forced into a war with Iran” without the pact with the Islamic Republic, Freeman says, characterizing the deal as the only “sane” option. “The agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a f****g bomb.
“And shit,” he continues, “we’ve got a deal on the table that keeps us all safe.”
The group that organized the video, Global Zero, seeks the elimination of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons programs worldwide.
It asks viewers of the video to call their representatives in Congress and ask them not to “sabotage” the agreement.
Plame, a former American spy outed in a political scandal during the George W. Bush administration, warned against the “sheer recklessness of a war with Iran” and said rejecting the agreement increased the likelihood Tehran would acquire atomic weapons.
The deal “gives the international unprecedented access to verify that Iran is keeping up its end of the bargain,” said Noor, who is King Hussein’s widow and a longtime advocate for Global Zero.