‘CUPBOARD’ BY Sveta Dorosheva; see at 'Baggage' opening, Oct. 27. (photo credit: Sveta Dorosheva)
‘CUPBOARD’ BY Sveta Dorosheva; see at 'Baggage' opening, Oct. 27. (photo credit: Sveta Dorosheva)
Jerusalem Highlights October 21-27


Enjoy the grim, and very funny, vision of director Kristoffer Borgli by watching the Norwegian film Sick of Myself at 10 p.m. at the Jerusalem Cinematheque as part of its October Films for NIS 10 deal (which includes a NIS 10 beer). The film, among those that opened the Jerusalem Film Festival, is a disturbing depiction of a narcissistic couple plunging head first into, well, more of the same.

Signe (actress Kristine Thorp) is living with an artist who steals furniture and presents the items as “his” art – a sly joke at the expense of the art world. 

So great is her need for attention that she will destroy her body to get it, and lie to get even more. Witness a modeling agency that works with models who do not have all their limbs as a nod to body-positivity and inclusion politics taken to its logical limits, a reporter forced to explain that lying is wrong, and other elements of Nordic life taken to a very dark and funny place. The film is being shown with English and Hebrew subtitles. 


Listen to the Tal Gamlieli Trio at 10 p.m. (doors open at 9 p.m.) and enjoy double bass player Gamlieli, pianist Chai Bar David, and drummer Amir Bar Akiva as they offer their state-of-the-art jazz. 

Gamlieli, a rising star in the world of jazz, has performed with trumpeter Avishai Cohen and saxophonist Jerry Bergozi. NIS 40 at pre-sale and NIS 60 after doors open. Location: 13 Harechavim St. Call (02) 679-4040 to book.

Jerusalem Cinematheque unveils renovated auditorium  (credit: Courtesy)Jerusalem Cinematheque unveils renovated auditorium (credit: Courtesy)


Hip-hop artist Shaanan Street will discuss music with Michael Cohen (one half of the [email protected] duo; the other member is Michael Moshonov) at Nocturno Live (7 Bezalel St.) at 9 p.m. (doors open at 8 p.m.) NIS 50 at pre-order and NIS 70 at the door. 

Arab rapper Sameh “Saz” Zakout will also take part in the event. With luck, he will sing some lyrics from his new song “Mabsoot.” “If the world is burning,” he sings, “I put on some earphones and loud music.” To book, call 077-700-8510.


Visit the Israel Museum with your family to enjoy Great Art for Very Small Children (ages four to six) at NIS 30 per session with artist Michal Kerer at 4:30 p.m. (this is a one-hour Hebrew-language activity). Call (02) 670-8811 to book.


Enjoy the Zikuk Festival, three evenings of live DJ sets and shows at Mazkeka (3 Shoshan St.) starting at 8 p.m. and ending at 2 a.m. The DJ sets include Mizrahi music (Maxim Mishali at 10 p.m.) and Yaara Haim (at 10:45 p.m. at the Studio section). Come tomorrow at 11:30 p.m. and enjoy Igor Krutogolov’s Toy Orchestra and again on Thursday at 11:30 p.m. to listen to cellist Erez Meyuhass. Admission is free. 


Watch One Eye Wide Open, for free and online, at the Jerusalem Cinematheque digital archive. The film, which took a decade to make,  depicts Israeli sculptor Zvi Lachman. Directed by Avner Preminger and Ami Drozd. This is the second film that Preminger produced focusing on Lachman. The earlier one, Ransom of the Father, focuses on Lachman’s relationship with his father. Hebrew with English titles. To watch, see: jfc.org.il/movie/30086-2/ 


Explore the memories of those born in the USSR who chose to rebuild their lives in the Jewish state, at 7:30 p.m. at the opening of the exhibition “Baggage.” The first group exhibition in the Polyphony series of exhibitions at Skizza Gallery (12 Hebron Road). The 19 artists who participate in this exhibition include Michail Grobman, Katya Royz and Max Epstein, who recently showed his solo exhibition “Ebb and Flow” at Hamifal.

Throwing a good party? Opening an art exhibition or a new bar? Bringing in a guest speaker to introduce a fascinating topic? Drop me a line at [email protected] and let In Jerusalem know about it. Send emails with “Jerusalem Highlights” in the subject line. Although all information is welcome, we cannot guarantee it will be featured in the column.

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