Derech Eretz (photo credit: RON KEDMI)
Derech Eretz (photo credit: RON KEDMI)


'Derech Eretz' is a boutique subscription box service
“Derech Eretz” is a boutique subscription box service, delivering export-level agricultural products directly to the customer’s door.

Derech Eretz collaborates with over 50 fruit and vegetable growers in Israel. The finest yields of these growers are regularly flown overseas. 
This produce is now hand-selected and delivered to private customers in Israel.

Derech Eretz offers three types of services: 

  1. Weekly Subscription – in three sizes and categories: ‘Basic Box,’ ‘Foodie Box,’ and ‘Chef’s Box.’


  1. Personalized - Send us your ‘grocery wish list,’ and we will source the best versions of those items.


  1. Gift Box – a rich and bountiful present filled with our finest, as well as additions like boutique olive oil, handmade jams, specialty pasta boxes, and many more gourmet essentials for an exciting kitchen.


Photo Credit: RON KEDMI

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