Tu Bishvat and food for free: Meet the foragers of Israel's countryside

Get introduced to all the gastronomic and curative treasures that grow freely and happily all over the place in Israel's countryside.


Israeli seeds company redesigns black-eyed peas for mechanized harvest

The cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) is an annual herbaceous legume from the genus Vigna.

Cows establish a complex social hierarchy that new dairy farmers must manage

Dairy costs set to drop amid cost of living crisis

By reducing the cost of milk itself, the Agriculture Ministry aims to reduce the price of all dairy producs as they are all primarily milk-based.

Egg prices in Israel to rise sharply, Agriculture Ministry says

A box of a dozen medium-sized eggs will rise in price from NIS 11.50 to NIS 12.89 and a dozen extra-large eggs will rise 16% in price from NIS 13.10 to NIS 15.19.

An abundance of ripe fruit hangs from trees in an orchard

Infectious insect tears through Israel, putting the citrus industry at risk

The Asian citrus psyllid, an insect that spreads a bacterium that is fatal to citrus, recently escaped the area in which the Ministry of Agriculture contained it to


Human waste is an excellent substitute for polluting fertilizers, scientists find

Scientists in Germany found that urine and feces can be recycled for use as new fertilizers that are safe and productive.

Flight attendants caught smuggling 27 kg of onions into Philippines

The crew members were also in possession of 10.5 kg of lemons, as well as other fruits and vegetables.


Amazonian dark earth made intentionally by indigenous peoples - research

Dark earth gets its name from its dark which is caused by the fact that high concentrations of charcoal exist in the soil.

Israel devotes NIS 150m. to lasers, super material and eating flies

The IIA outlined its areas of focus for 2023, and announced a 150m NIS budget to launch three “innovation consortiums” — groups of innovative tech companies.

bees on honeycomb illustrative

US greenlights first vaccine to save honeybees

The vaccine, conditionally licensed by the US Department of Agriculture, is designed to protect honeybees, one of the world's most vital species, from American Foulbrood disease.

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