2 killed in light aircraft crash in Modi'in

Plane crashes into parked car on Menahem Begin Street; victims are two people in their 50s who were passengers on plane.

Modi'in plane crash 311 (photo credit: Daniel Pearlman)
Modi'in plane crash 311
(photo credit: Daniel Pearlman)
Two people were killed Friday when a light aircraft crashed on Menahem Begin Street in the Buchman neighborhood of Modi'in.
The two people killed in the crash, both in their 50s, were passengers on the plane, according to Magen David Adom.
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MDA reported that the aircraft attempted to make an emergency landing but failed and then crashed into a parked car which was empty.
Large police, MDA and firefighter services were at the scene.
Shmulik Segal, ZAKA Commander in Modi’in said it was a "very difficult incident," according to Lydia Weitzman, a spokeswoman for the organization.
"I arrived at the scene with a team of ZAKA volunteers. We found the remains of the aircraft strewn over the road with two bodies trapped inside," he added. "The fire service helped us extract the bodies and a doctor from Magen David Adom pronounced them dead."
He said that the ZAKA volunteers remained at the scene, collecting the many body parts. 
"While this was indeed a tragedy, it was a miracle that the plane crashed into a car without any passengers inside,” Segal said.
In April, four people were killed when the light aircraft they were flying in crashed and burst into flames at the Haifa Airbase Technical School.
A flight instructor and three students, all of whom were private citizens and not from the Air Force, were killed.
Back in March, a light aircraft crashed in an open field in the Upper Galilee, killing two.
The Cessna 172 plane, containing a pilot and one passenger, was consumed by flames in an open field after crashing.