2 more witnesses to be called in Maoz murder trial

Although the stage for testimonies officially ended, J'lem court ruled that state attorney can call two additional witnesses.

Daniel Maoz at J'lem District Court 150 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Daniel Maoz at J'lem District Court 150
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
The Jerusalem District Court ruled on Tuesday that the state attorney can call two additional witnesses in the murder trial of Nurit and Noah Maoz, even though the stage for testimonies has officially ended.
Chief Justice Tzvi Segal said on Tuesday he would allow State Attorney Yuval Kaplinsky to bring two additional witnesses, over the objections of defense lawyer David Barhoom.
Nurit and Noah Maoz were stabbed to death on August 11, 2011 in their home in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Daniel Maoz was arrested approximately a month later, though in a surprise twist, he accused his twin brother Nir of murdering their parents, as the two share identical DNA that was found at the scene of the murders.
In a dramatic outburst before the hearing started, Daniel Maoz continued to profess his innocence as he was led into the courtroom on Tuesday afternoon.
“Nir Maoz murdered my parents and he knows that his place is in jail!” he said. “My parents deserve justice and the children need to know the truth.”
One of the additional witnesses that Kaplinsky wants to testify was mentioned in an anonymous letter sent July 10 to Kaplinsky, Barhoom and the Jerusalem District Court. In the letter, obtained by the media, the anonymous tipster wrote that he heard screaming and then saw Nir Maoz run out of his parents’ home at 11 p.m.
“There is no way this could be wrong! It was definitely Nir Maoz,” the tipster wrote.
Daniel Maoz was rearrested in his cell after police suspected he wrote the letter himself.
Police also arrested 38- yearold Jerusalem resident Roni Ben-Arnon, Maoz’s former cellmate, whom they suspect printed and mailed the letter after he was released.
After the trail concluded, Barhoom said that he would weigh his options and consider appealing to the High Court of Justice in order to stop additional witnesses from testifying, as the testimony stage of the trial is over.
A report from the Jerusalem District Psychiatric Committee submitted to the court on Tuesday also stated that Maoz is mentally fit to stand trial.
“It was no secret that Maoz is fit to stand trial and responsible for his actions,” said Barhoom. “He is not mentally ill. Anyone who said in their testimony that he was a monster or had a lack of control is disappointed... [Maoz] is a regular, normative person, like me or you, and I think it strengthens our claim that Daniel Maoz is not the murderer.”