3 TA tent cities evacuated, Rothschild yet to be cleared

Police, Border Police help clerks remove equipment from area into waiting trucks; 2 detained for disturbing the peace at Levinski.

African migrants meet housing protesters_311 (photo credit: Ben Hartman)
African migrants meet housing protesters_311
(photo credit: Ben Hartman)
Municipal clerks with support from police forces cleared Tel Aviv tent cities on Levinsky Street, Nordau Boulevard and Ben-Gurion Boulevard Monday morning.
Inspectors and police were expected to clear the larger tent encampment on the city's Rothschild Boulevard later in the morning.
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Two people were detained for allegedly causing a disturbance during the evacuation on Levinski Street.
Tent inhabitants on Rothschild were singing while waiting for the evictions to take place late Monday morning.
On Sunday, municipality clerks visited the Rothschild Boulevard campsite and others across the city informing residents that Sunday was their last day to voluntarily fold up their tents and still receive assistance from the city in evacuating.
In the early afternoon, about 20 municipal clerks arrived at the Rothschild tent city, the symbolic heart of the social justice movement, and walked around telling residents that the eviction is imminent and offered their help in evacuating.
They ended up leaving after a short period of time and the tent city residents, a skeleton crew of a few dozen homeless people, milled around, some more resigned than others to their fate. The clerks later visited other tent cities across Tel Aviv, and issued a similar warning.