8th-graders establish Facebook page in Herzl's honor

Education Minister Piron calls on students to mark Herzl's 153rd birthday with social media page reflecting Herzl's vision, "dreams."

Theodor Herzl 521 (photo credit: E.M. Lilien)
Theodor Herzl 521
(photo credit: E.M. Lilien)
Education Minister Shai Piron called on students in the eighth grade across the country to open Facebook pages for Theodor Herzl as part of Herzl’s 153th birthday which was marked on Sunday.
The Education Ministry’s culture department, which had developed study materials to be used in classrooms for the occasion, said the Facebook page should reflect the theme “dreams,” and Herzl’s vision and its relevance to the present day.
Students were provided with guidelines as to the title, information and display picture that should be on the virtual page. The ministry is expected to select the best works and reward students.
“Sixty-five years after the founding of the state, we see just to what extend Herzl’s vision came true,” Piron said.
“I believe that Herzl’s character and vision will serve as a model and beacon for students in Israel, strengthen their connection to Zionism, their commitment to Israel and their active partnership in building a model society,” he continued.
Elementary school children studied Herzl’s life following the ministry’s lesson plan, which included chapters such as “Herzl as a leader”; “Herzl awakening national consciousness”; “If you will it, It is no dream: Herzl’s vision an Zionism”; “Herzl’s journey to the dream”; and his death.
High school students engaged in discussions comparing Herzl’s vision to today’s reality in Israel. Educators were instructed to talk to teenage students about the national flag as a symbol and its meaning.
They also studied Herzl’s attitude toward Judaism.
Some 1,200 members of various youth movements participated in a tribute ceremony for Herzl Day on Sunday afternoon.
The event was held in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization.