A week after snowstorms: 30 degrees in Tel Aviv

Weather forecasters said heatwave would be temporary, predicting seasonal temperatures and rain later this week.

sun, sunshine in Israel_390 (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
sun, sunshine in Israel_390
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
The snow on Mount Hermon had not completely melted, yet one look at the beaches in Tel Aviv on Sunday and you'd be sure summer had already arrived.
Temperatures soared up to 30 degrees in most areas in the South and Center, and thick dusts and sand that settled heavily in the South decreased visibility and added weight to the high temperatures.
While many welcomed the summery weather on Sunday, riding to the beach with matcot paddles in hand, the heatwave will only be temporary, weather forecasters said.
Temperatures were set to drop Monday to seasonal averages, and rain was expected later in the week.
On Monday, temperatures in Haifa and Tel Aviv will hover around 18 degrees, in Jerusalem 19 degrees, Beersheba 24 degrees and in Eilat up to 30 degrees.
Weather forecasters predicted rain on Thursday.