Around 200,000 Israelis visit KKL-JNF parks on Shavuot

Large crowds of families come to celebrate holiday with picnics, barbecues; KKL-JNF stresses caution in handling fires, trash.

KKL_260411_B (photo credit: KKL)
(photo credit: KKL)
Around 200,000 Israelis visited KKL-JNF parks and sites on Wednesday in celebration of the Shavuot holiday.
KKL-JNF reported large crowds of families who arrived at the country's various parks for picnics and barbecues as well as bicycle riders who took advantage of newly-designated bike trails at many park locations.
The most popular destinations included the Gilboa area, Mount Tabor and western Galilee forests in the North, Jerusalem-area forests in the Center and woodland forest parks in the South.
KKL-JNF requested park-goers exercise extra caution in handling fires and keeping the environment clean free of litter.
Bonfires and barbecue grills should be lit in designated areas and burning charcoal should be properly extinguished. Garbage bags should be used to collect all trash and then disposed of in large dumps at the park entrances.