Beinisch to join Hebrew University Law faculty

Former Supreme Court president Dorit Beinisch to visit Hebrew University for two-day academic legal conference named in her honor.

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch 311 (photo credit: Dudi Vaknin / Pool)
Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch 311
(photo credit: Dudi Vaknin / Pool)
As a two-day academic legal conference – jointly hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar- Ilan University in honor of former Supreme Court president Dorit Beinisch – is set to begin, the Hebrew U. has announced that Beinisch will join its law school as a visiting professor.
“Justice Beinisch chose to dedicate her professional life to public service,” Yuval Shany, dean of the Hebrew U.’s law school, said.
She demonstrated “tremendous courage in the public sphere and true commitment to advancing the rule of law and the defense of human rights,” Shany added.
The conference will run from April 22 to 23.
Headlining the conference along with Beinisch is current Supreme Court President Asher D. Grunis, as well as Beinisch’s predecessor and mentor Aharon Barak.
Other current and former Supreme Court justices set to make appearances include Edna Arbel, Esther Hayot, Dafna Barak-Erez and Eliezer Rivlin.
Deputy Attorney-General Shai Nitzan will discuss at the conference “The Two Hats of a Prosecutor in Public Service.”
Other topics to be discussed at the conference include “The Disobeying of Supreme Court Rulings as an Institutional Failure,” “The Supreme Court and its Dialogue Regarding the Struggle with Terror” and “The Supreme Court President and the Independence of the Judicial Branch.”
Commentators have criticized the IDF, the Defense Ministry and activist groups on both ends of the political spectrum for ignoring on a number of occasions the rulings of the High Court, and have likewise leveled criticism at the court for waiting too long before enforcing its directives, or failing to enforce them altogether.