Case against Razi Guterman was closed by state attorney

No evidence of wrongdoing was found in investigation

The state attorney decided in October 2000 to close the investigation of a complaint against Razi Guterman, former secretary-general of the Association of Journalists. No evidence of wrongdoing was found and no charges were brought.
The case was opened following a complaint regarding Guterman’s employment and salary conditions. Guterman had insisted throughout the investigation that the complaint was baseless and that it stemmed from a power struggle for control of the association and its assets.
“The decision to close the case put an end to what had been a vicious campaign against me,” said Guterman. “As I stressed all along, all aspects of my pay and conditions were approved by my superiors.”
The Jerusalem Post, which reported on the investigation at the time but did not report the closing of the case, is pleased to now clarify the matter.