Court to Shani: Pay bankruptcy debts or go to jail

Celebrity chef gets an additional day to deposit a part of his debt, or he will face up to 45 days in prison.

Eyal Shani in court 370 (photo credit: Channel 2)
Eyal Shani in court 370
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Celebrity chef Eyal Shani on Sunday was given one additional day to deposit NIS 189,000 toward his bankruptcy debts or face up to 45 days in prison, Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut ruled.
On Thursday, the Tel Aviv District Court issued the initial order obligating Shani to pay the sum to avoid imprisonment.
Shani had asked the Supreme Court to freeze the lower court’s imprisonment order until he had time to file a formal appeal.
Shani had hoped to put off his imprisonment for longer and at a lower amount, but the lower court said that Shani had abused the process for too long.
Hayut said that she could not grant Shani an extended reprieve from imprisonment until he at least filed a formal appeal contesting the substance of the lower court’s decision.
She also commented that it was highly irregular that Shani had asked for more time to file a formal appeal without contesting the lower court’s decision at the same time.
Still, even the extra day’s reprieve and several extra days, until Thursday, to file a formal appeal on the lower court’s decision was a partial victory for Shani.
The latest series of hearings arose when Shani, who is in bankruptcy, was accused by his trustees, supervising the bankruptcy, of failing to make payments that had already been agreed upon to his creditors for around 10 months.
Shani’s imprisonment would end after 45 days or earlier if he made a payment toward the debt.