Education Minister decides not to start school year early

Gideon Sa'ar announces reversal of decision to shorten summer break by 5 days, says it was result of public discontent, teachers union decision.

gideon saar_311  (photo credit: Ori Porat)
gideon saar_311
(photo credit: Ori Porat)
Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar publicly announced on Monday the reversal of his decision to cut the summer holiday short by five days.
His decision was in part a result of public displeasure as parents, teachers, and students protested his decision publicly, including signing internet petitions.
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The Teacher's Federation and Histadrut also made statements criticizing his move to announce the shortening of the summer holiday one week before the end of the school year.
Sa'ar planned to take the five days removed from the end of the summer holiday and add three days to the Yom Kippur and Succot holiday and one day each to the Hannuka and Pesah holidays.
"Last week we announced the decision to shorten the summer vacation, after an agreement was reached by the teachers union," Sa'ar said.  "Unfortunately, the teachers union decided to take back its decision to shorten the break this August. They said they agree to shorten it, but not now."
Sa'ar said that he will announce in the next month whether the shortened summer vacation will enter into effect in the next year.
Meanwhile, Kadima members criticized the reversal of the decision as "another failure of the Netanyahu government."