Education Ministry releases bagrut answers

Ministry looks to give students immediate feedback on their exams and help others preparing for tests in revision process.

students (photo credit: Wikicommons)
(photo credit: Wikicommons)
The Ministry of Education released for the first time on Wednesday the answers of the English portion of the Winter 2013 Israeli matriculation exam which took place on Tuesday.
The ministry announced that this was a first step to a new service that will allow students and teachers to consult the answers of the bagrut exam on its website a day after it was administered in high schools around the country.
The answers to the maths section of the evaluation will be uploaded to the site on January 29. Solutions to the Hebrew and Arabic portions are also expected to be published. The ministry stated it has the intention of expanding the initiative to all matriculation exam subjects in the future.
“The exam constitutes an essential part of the learning process and the score is not the central goal,” education ministry director-general Dalit Stauber said in a statement.
“Our goal is to make sure that the student knows the material, and therefore it is very important to provide him with the right answers. This gives rapid feedback to the student and lets him know where he made a mistake and what the source of his error was,” she added.
“In addition, the database will be also able to serve students who are studying for the exam and assist them in the revision process where they can practice exam questions and model answers,” Stauber said.