Ex-colleague testifies in Emmanuel Rosen probe

Former Channel 2 anchor Gadi Sukenik says the allegations against Rosen are only "the tip of the iceberg."

Emanuel Rosen 370 (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Emanuel Rosen 370
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Former Channel 2 anchor Gadi Sukenik has given testimony to police in the initial probe of sexual harassment allegations against TV personality and former colleague Emmanuel Rosen, it emerged on Wednesday.
Sukenik’s testimony to investigators came after police announced Monday that they will open a probe to determine whether a crime took place, and if an official police investigation against Rosen should be opened.
Rosen worked as a diplomatic commentator and reporter for Channel 2 for close to 10 years.
The probe was launched after a Haaretz report last week in which several anonymous women were quoted as saying that Rosen pursued them obsessively, flirting and sending text messages, and offering to help them in their careers if they gave in to his advances.
In an interview on Army Radio this week, Sukenik said that the allegations revealed in the report were known for years, and that “they are only the tip of the iceberg; there were much worse offenses.”
He also said that there were many media executives who knew the rumors about Rosen, and that they continued to employ him even after the rumors were proven to be true.
Channel 1 reported that a rape complaint was filed against Rosen on Wednesday.
Rosen, who up until last week was an anchor for Channel 10 news, has been placed on an indefinite leave of absence from work. Rosen and his attorneys have denied the charges, calling them part of an “anonymous smear campaign.”