Father, daughter drown near power station in north Tel Aviv

The two were sucked into the Reading power plant's pumps when their paddle board turned over.

Reading Power Station lit up (370) (photo credit: Chen Leopold/Energy and Water Ministry)
Reading Power Station lit up (370)
(photo credit: Chen Leopold/Energy and Water Ministry)
A father and his young daughter died Saturday afternoon in northern Tel Aviv when they were pulled in by the pumps of the Reading Power Plant and drowned in the cooling pools.
Tel Aviv police said that the father, 50, and his daughter, 7, had set off on a paddle board from a beach north of the Yarkon River where swimming is banned.
At some point the board overturned, they fell into the water and drowned fighting the current and undertow caused by the pumps of the power plant.
Police said that divers were called to the scene, but were only able to pull the two out of the water after authorities turned off the pumps.
The two were then taken to the shore where they were pronounced dead by paramedics.
The area where the pools are located is marked with several signs saying that swimming is prohibited, but is nonetheless a popular swimming location – particularly popular is a small beach across from the power plant, encircled by wave breakers and not affected by the pumps.
Closer to the pumps, a footbridge that passes over the pools is a popular spot for diving.
Magen David Adom paramedic Avi Hilleli said that police divers “pulled them out of the water and they were showing no signs of life.
There was nothing for us to do but pronounce them dead.”
Also on Saturday, police divers in southern Israel pulled the body of a 16-yearold boy from the waters off Zikim beach. He was last seen swimming at the beach at about 9 p.m. the previous night.
When the boy disappeared Friday night police scrambled divers and volunteers to the scene and fired flares over the sea to try to spot him, but to no avail. On Saturday afternoon, his body was seen floating not far from where he was last seen, and he was pulled to the beach where he was pronounced dead.
In the North, a 13-year-old girl drowned off a beach between Achziv and Nahariya and was pronounced dead at the scene.