Five arrested for illegally repairing cars in West Bank without owners' knowledge

The suspects are also being charged with forging car parts and committing tax offenses.

Towing one of the illegal trucks. (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Towing one of the illegal trucks.
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Five people involved with a towing company were arrested on suspicions of illegally taking cars for repairs in the West Bank without the owners' knowledge, among other charges.
As part of an undercover investigation, police searched several garages in Israel and the West Bank connected with a specific towing company. Five suspects were arrested and others detained with connections to the suspects for allegedly taking cars out from Israeli garages to be repaired at Palestinian garages, which is prohibited by Israeli law. The car owners were apparently not aware of this. The five people arrested are also being accused of forging car parts and committing a number of tax offenses.
During the police search, officers found hundreds of thousands of shekels, two tow trucks used to transfer the vehicles between garages, suspicious and forged car parts, mobile phones and various documents.
Three of the suspects, residents of Kfar Qasim, are remanded in custody until Sunday.