French hit-and-run suspects explore Israel legal options

The two suspects, who fled country after their vehicle struck and killed Lee Zeitouni, request attorney begin discussions with prosecutors.

Hit-and-run victim Lee Zeitouni 311 (photo credit: Courtesy: Facebook)
Hit-and-run victim Lee Zeitouni 311
(photo credit: Courtesy: Facebook)
French citizens Claude Issac and Eric Rubic have spoken to an Israeli attorney specializing in traffic accidents, Channel 10 reported on Sunday night. The two fled the country a month ago after their sports utility vehicle struck and killed 25-year-old Lee Zeitouni.
Issac and Rubic requested that the attorney begin discussions with state prosecutors in order to investigate their options for a plea bargain or specific sentence.
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In an interview with Channel 10 last month, Issac, who is suspected of having been behind the wheel when the vehicle struck Zeitouni, said, “We want to be in Israel, to go to the family and explain how much it hurts us too. But what can we do today? We killed a Jewish woman who was 25. For us this is the end of the world."
"Our life is over," he added, "But we don’t know what we can do."
“We didn’t see her at all. If I would have seen her, I would have pressed on the brakes. But I saw her only when she was hit,” Issac said.