'Gov't burdening world of god-fearing haredim'

Ultra-Orthodox organization Eda Haredit (Badatz) slams government intervention in haredi lifestyle.

Haredi man near a bus 311 (photo credit: (Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post))
Haredi man near a bus 311
(photo credit: (Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post))
Ultra-Orthodox organization Eda Haredit (Badatz) slammed government intervention seeking to prevent gender segregation in the public sphere, in a flyer posted online on Monday.
According to the flyer, the government "recently burdened the world of the god-fearing," and used deception to wage war against barriers seeking to protect modesty and holiness .
Ultra-Orthodox protest ‘incitement' and 'hatred’
"Anyone who opens his mouth to protest is dragged by the arm to prison, and then subjected to evil lies by ignorant lawyers," the Eda Haredit explained.
In the last couple of weeks, the flyer continued, a number of Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh's "beloved" were arrested on false charges. "An important yeshiva student" was recently sent to prison for two years in a campaign to silence haredi (ultra-Orthodox) protesters, the Eda Haredit contended in an apparent reference to Shmuel Weisfish. Weisfish, an activist in the haredi extremist group known as the Sikrikim (Sicarii), was convicted of assault and other offenses and was sentenced two weeks ago.
The organization asserted that this is only another incident in a series of conflicts between haredim and "Israel's evildoers...after they have taken the government and authority for themselves." Ultra-Orthodox Jews must continue to protect barriers erected to preserve modesty and holiness, to ensure modesty on buses and to guard their homes from foreign influences, the Eda Haredit warned.
Rabbi Uri Regev, director of the religious equality organization Hiddush, responded to the flyer on Tuesday saying that the haredi group has revealed its true face "as an organization that supports thuggery of the worst kind."
The members of Badatz who publicized the notice supporting the Sikrikim are shaming Judaism, Regev explained, calling on haredi leaders to denounce the organization's stand.
"Know that anyone who buys a food product with the Eda Haredit (Badatz) kashrut certification is funding the haredi extremist fight against Zionism, and [for] gender exclusion, spitting [on women dressed improperly], cursing and violence," he warned.