Gov't to establish working group on women's rights

Working group consisting of government representatives, women's groups to convene in 60-75 days.

Limor Livnat 311 R (photo credit: Reuters)
Limor Livnat 311 R
(photo credit: Reuters)
A ministerial committee on the status of women decided on Tuesday to establish a legislative working group to fight women's exclusion, Army Radio reported.
"A working group will be established comprising government representatives, women's groups that will be able to operate, and legislate if necessary," said  Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat, who chaired the meeting.
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The group would begin operating in 60-75 days, Livnat said.
Livnat also announced additional steps such as educating the Civil Services Commission and government offices on policy protecting women. For example, women are not be excluded from government ceremonies, even if they give their consent.
With the exception of Livnat, only one other minister - Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar - attended the meeting, which took place as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gathered an emergency meeting to deal with an attack by right-wing extremists against an IDF base overnight Monday.
"We have to decide what country we want to live in. An advanced country that believes in human liberty, or a country that we don't recognize," Sa'ar said.