Gunman nabs NIS 2,000 in bank robbery

Police in the North launch search for gunman who escaped on foot; incidents end without injuries.

Money Shekels bills 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Money Shekels bills 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A masked gunman walked into a branch of the Israel Postal Company in Nesher near Haifa and held up a teller, walking out with NIS 2,000 in cash on Sunday.
The gunman escaped the premises on foot, and police in the North have launched a search for him.
The incident ended without injuries. Last month, police said a highly dangerous, serial bank robber was operating across the center of the country, following a string of armed heists.
In August, a security guard was shot dead when a gunman wearing a motorcycle helmet to cover his face robbed a branch of Bank Hapoalim in Be’er Ya’acov, between Ness Ziona and Ramle.
Several other robberies have since occurred across the central region.
On average, just 10 percent of bank robberies end with suspects being charged in court.
Also on Sunday, an elderly man was bound and robbed in his Tiberias home. The robbery occurred early in the morning, police said, when two suspects broke into the 76-yearold’s home, bound him and made off with hundreds of shekels in cash.
The victim emerged from the incident without injury, and police have launched a search for the suspects.
In an unrelated incident, an unknown attacker on Sunday morning lobbed a stun grenade at the the Ashdod police station’s courtyard. The grenade failed to cause injuries, and police said an investigation has been launched.