High alert at Ben Gurion as plane plans emergency landing

El Al plane carrying 279 passengers on board takes off en route to New York but forced to return to attempt emergency landing after technical fault found in left wheel; over 70 MDA rescue teams at scene.

311_el al plane (photo credit: Courtesy)
311_el al plane
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A state of emergency was announced at Ben Gurion Airport overnight Sunday because of a technical fault on board an El Al flight expected to land at the airport.
The El Al flight 027, carrying 279 passengers on board, took off en route to New York but was forced to turn back and perform an emergency landing when it was discovered that there was a technical fault in one of the plane's left wheels.
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Over 70 MDA rescue teams were stationed at the airport as well as teams of firefighters.
While the Boeing 777 plane was waiting to make the emergency landing, the pilots were instructed to release the plane's fuel in the Mediterranean Sea.