Hit-and-run driver caught behind the wheel again

Haifa man who was banned from driving for life after killing a pedestrian in a 1999 truck accident caught driving.

Deadly car accident 311 (photo credit: ZAKA / Tzvika Level)
Deadly car accident 311
(photo credit: ZAKA / Tzvika Level)
A 45-year-old man from Haifa, who was convicted in the past of causing death by negligent driving, and who has been banned from driving for life, was caught by police driving again on Saturday night.
In 1999, the suspect was involved in a hit-and-run accident, striking and killing a pedestrian as he drove a truck, and fleeing the scene, police spokesman Ch.-Supt. Eran Shaked told The Jerusalem Post. He was later caught.
The suspect accumulated no fewer than 58 traffic violations, and had been involved in four different accidents, Shaked said.
As a result, a Traffic Court banned the man from ever driving again.
Previously, his license had been revoked three times. But that did not stop him from getting behind the wheel on Saturday night, police said.
At the Zevulon police station in Haifa, a unit dedicated to ensuring that dangerous drivers do not get back on the road, headed by FSM Eli Cohen, monitored the suspect, and swooped in on Saturday evening, when he was spotted driving. The suspect was arrested on the spot.
"We'd like to keep him in custody for the duration of legal proceedings, and speed up the process of issuing an indictment," Shaked said. "He represents a danger to the public."
The man is due to appear before a Haifa court today.