Hundreds gather in Tel Aviv to 'send infiltrators home'

Protesters claim they are not against African migrants, but in fact against government; calls for dismissal of Netanyahu.

African migrants protest 311 (photo credit: Channel 10 News)
African migrants protest 311
(photo credit: Channel 10 News)
Hundreds of residents of Tel Aviv gathered Tuesday evening in the south of the city to protest against illegal infiltrators from Africa under the banner "Enough with fear in the neighborhood, send the infiltrators home."
The protesters, who claimed that they were not against the infiltrators, but in fact against the government, marched from the Kiryat Shalom neighborhood towards the market in the HaTikva neighborhood.
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The demonstrators also waved Israeli flags and called for the the dismissal of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
One of the organizers of the demonstration, a member of Tel Aviv's municipality, Shlomo Mitzlawi, said: "We're not racists, we do not hate the infiltrators. The aim of every person is to improve the conditions under which he lives and we understand living conditions in Africa are much more difficult than in Israel, so normal Africans want to emigrate to Israel. "
Mitzlawi added that "we are angry that the government allows this irresponsible behavior."