Meet the Google analytics of beer

Israeli startup aims to track how much beer is consumed in a bar, when, and which brands.

Beer mugs 370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Beer mugs 370
(photo credit: Reuters)

You know that bartender who’s always giving free samples and a “little extra” to his best customers? Well, he’s a problem – for the bar owner, that is.

“Over-pouring and theft are very big issues in the nightlife business,” explains Ori Fingerer, co-founder and vice president of business development at Weissbeerger, one of Tel Aviv’s most unusual high-tech startups. The company aims to be the Google Analytics — of beer.

Weissbeerger’s flagship product, Alcohol Analytics, aims to track how much beer is being consumed in a bar, at what times, and which brands are the most popular. It works by attaching monitors to the beer taps. How much flows through which taps is recorded, analyzed and sent wirelessly to the cloud, where the bar owner can view what’s happening in real time through a mobile iPad app.

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