Nine suspects arrested for producing fake alcohol

Police suspect Nahariya, Haifa residents of mixing chemical substances, additives and selling substances as vodka and whiskey.

Fake alcoholic beverages 390 (photo credit: Courtesy: Israel Police)
Fake alcoholic beverages 390
(photo credit: Courtesy: Israel Police)
Police arrested nine suspects in northern Israel on Tuesday on suspicion of the production, distribution and sale of fake alcoholic beverages and placing the health of consumers at risk.
The arrests followed an undercover investigation by the Lahav 433 police unit into illegal distilleries. The suspects allegedly sold the substances under the guise of famous alcohol tags.
A 42-year-old Nahariya resident and a 32- year-old Haifa resident allegedly produced the alcohol and stored it in an industrial zone in Nesher, outside Haifa.
The suspects then allegedly mixed in chemicals to make the liquid transparent and appear to be vodka. Other substances were mixed with additives to give them whiskey’s brown coloring.
The substances were then sold to illegal distilleries around the country.
Empty whiskey and vodka bottles were filled with the liquids before being sealed in caps and sold at full price, police said.
Ants and mosquitoes were found in some of the bottles. “The health of customers was endangered,” police added.