Palestinians accuse settlers of further 'price tag' attack

Eyewitnesses say 2 vehicles set alight near settlement of Kedumim; report comes after masked Jewish men attack 2 Palestinian workers.

Settlers lit two vehicles on fire between the settlement of Kedumim and the Palestinian village of Kedum in Samaria on Thursday, according to Palestinian eyewitnesses.
Palestinian fire services arrived and put out the blaze.
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Earlier on Thursday, two Palestinians who were renovating a home on the edge of the West Bank settlement of Shilo were set upon by a group of five to seven Jewish men wearing face masks, a Judea and Samaria police spokesman said.
The attackers used tear gas and metal poles in the assault on the two Palestinians, the spokesman added.
The suspects then fled the area in a vehicle.
"Our forces arrived on the scene and launched an investigation. We are searching for the suspects and the get away vehicle," the spokesman said. "The investigation is ongoing."
One Palestinian was lightly injured and was evacuated to a hospital by the Red Crescent.
A Jewish security guard who attempted to come to the aide of the Palestinians was also attacked by the suspects.