PM praises investigation into Itamar murders

Lieberman calls on settlement critics to do some "soul searching"; Awarta council head calls for int'l inquiry into IDF's investigative tactics.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 311 (R) (photo credit: REUTERS/Charles Dharapak)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 311 (R)
(photo credit: REUTERS/Charles Dharapak)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commended the Shin Bet and police investigation Sunday that ended in the arrests of two suspects for the murders of five Fogel family members. Six others were arrested for collusion. The great work done here "expresses our commitment to the idea that justice and security are with us," he said
Speaking at the welcoming of the new Prison Service Commissioner, the prime minister said, "I was updated in recent weeks and days on the progress of the investigation. I must commend all of the security personnel who sought to ensure that their findings were complete."
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Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday also addressed the IDF's announcement that it had made arrests in connection to the Fogel terrorist attack.
Speaking after a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Israel Haruhisa Takeuchi, Lieberman called on leaders of political parties, members of human rights groups and segments of Israeli society condemn settlements to think twice in light of the murders.
The foreign minister said: "Those who were so quick to condemn the settlers and the settlements, and to turn public opinion against them, they should do some soul searching."
Lieberman added that he expects every one of them to condemn the murder.
In the West Bank, the Awarta Village Council head Kais Awad demanded an international investigation into the IDF's investigative tactics following the massacre, Army Radio reported.
According to Awad, the investigation was conducted with Israeli "exclusivity." Awad mentioned that some 100 women and children had been arrested, adding that the Israeli investigation amounted to collective punishment on the village.
"We question the dubious Israeli approach and demand an international investigation. In the last 35 days the Israelis managed the investigation according to their own stipulations, and were able to produce evidence according to their needs. They have a policy of collective punishment against us," Awad told Army Radio.
Awad added that "the murder of children is unacceptable."