Police: Bat Yam man murders brother over car price

Victim stabbed outside mini-market he owned by brother, after two fought over few thousand shekels difference in price of a used car.

Albert Ben-Sheetrit (photo credit: Courtesy)
Albert Ben-Sheetrit
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An argument over a few thousand shekels for a used car was enough for a Bat Yam man to stab his brother to death Tuesday morning, police said.
The victim, Albert Ben-Sheetrit, 53, was stabbed by his brother, across his upper and lower body, outside the mini-market he owned after the two began fighting over the price Ben-Sheetrit was asking for the car, Yarkon police sub-district commander Yehuda Dahan said Tuesday, adding that the price was a few thousand shekels.
Police received a call from Magen David Adom paramedics at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday and deployed large numbers of YASSAM special patrol officers to comb the area of northern Bat Yam for the killer.
They eventually found him hiding in a nearby apartment.
Police would not say who the apartment belonged to. They added that they have still not found the knife used in the murder and haven’t determined yet if the alleged killer took it with him when he went to meet his brother at the mini-market.
Dahan said that police did not know of any previous violent encounters between the two brothers, adding that neither were what police would regard as local criminals, or regular subjects of police investigations.
By Tuesday afternoon police had still not released the name of the alleged murderer, as he will not be brought before a magistrate until Wednesday. Police said that in his initial interrogation he linked himself to the killing and that testimony from witnesses revealed that the fight was over the price Albert Ben-Sheetrit wanted for the used car.