Report: Threatened cops not protected

Public Security Ministry calls for improvement in handling cases of threatened officers after a report is published emphasizing issue.

Policeman film 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Policeman film 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Public Security Ministry called for improvements in the way police secures threatened officers under personal threat.
The call came after the publication of a Public Security Ministry report, which highlighted areas of concern in security arrangements.
Ten percent of Israel Police officers are under personal threat not related to their role, requiring additional protection measures, the report said.
A single commander was left to manage these security measures, and he struggled to cope, it added.
A lack of coordination and gaps in decision- making were highlighted in the report.
“Investigations were closed without a case being given for their closure... Intelligence was carried out without planning,” the report said.
The Public Security Ministry said the deputy police chief should take control of security for threatened officers.
Responding to the report, police said it was based on findings from 2010, adding, “Since then, the security division charged with dealing with the issue... implemented many changes in the fields of monitoring [threats]... and revamping guidelines.”